“In my life, Music has always been the driving force”

Born in Patras, Greece, where she lived until the age of 20, Iro (Lechouriti) was practically born with an ear for music. She had her very first encounter with music in early childhood, at home. Her parents loved music and her mother was a music teacher, who passed on the family musical “saga”, in a transfer of knowledge that Iro treasures as her inspiration.

iro-02In a house filled with sounds, Iro takes piano lessons from a very young age and learns how to communicate through music and, over time, she solidifies this background by studying music theory and advanced music theory, graduating with first class honours degree in fugue. While she is awarded many scholarships and earns numerous distinctions during her studies, it is her natural talent of converting sounds into emotions that has been guiding her musical path ever since.

Making music is Iro’s ultimate goal in life and so she decides to take a break from her Nursing studies at university in order to fully devote herself to what seems to be her real calling. She first works in small clubs and music venues in Patras for three and a half years, but soon realises that singing is what she wants to do professionally, and with this in mind she move to the big city. At first, she works for two years in a club in the Athens suburb of Neo Psychiko, playing the piano, and singing Greek and foreign songs and later she turns her attention to working with an orchestra, wishing to grow as an artist and test her skill at composing more demanding musical arrangements, using more instruments. Working in a big concert venue and performing before wider audiences for the first time, she finds herself really communicating with the world, while music remains the “driving force” in her life.

In the years to follow, she truly finds herself artistically –both as composer and lyricist-, having in her portfolio more than one hundred songs, including instrumental compositions, and a large number of live performances, including piano, vocal performances and arrangements, as well as collaborations with well-known “classic” Greek composers, musicians, actors and singers. She likes experimenting with various kinds of music and is always IRO My Musicopen to new arrangements, while remaining in contact with traditional sounds and instruments.

Iro keeps a low profile in her everyday life, yet does not hesitate to take an active stance in the community, as a passionate advocate of social causes for human rights & against social exclusion, being an active agent, participating in or endorsing campaigns and events for children and vulnerable groups, including To Xamogelo tou Paidiou (The smile of the child), the Organisation for the fight against breast cancer, Special Olympics, and Tzeni Karezi Foundation.

Iro is currently embarking on an ambitious project of performing before expatriate and international audiences, with the two-fold aim of representing, as a humble “cultural ambassador”, classic Greek music and thus contributing to the promotion of Greek culture abroad, while at the same time conveying to expatriate Greeks images, sounds and feelings of Greece.

As a composer and a lyricist, Iro is currently a member of the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AEPI) and a member of the singers’ rights association ERATO, as a performing artist, while she is actively contributing to shaping younger artist generations, by teaching music theory and music at the Iasmos Higher Drama School.